Reserve your seat for the Riga Bootcamp 2023 Winter Edition


How to book

The Riga Bootcamp Winter 2023 is the training event of the year and we always receive a high volume of requests and therefore there is a limited quantity of seats.

Flight/Hotel Bookings

Be aware that the training can often end late on the last day. Do not book flights in the evening of the last day!  Highly recommend you book return flights for the day after. Also, the recommended hotel is the Rixwell Elefant as it is only a few minutes walk from the training centre.  We will contact you separately with a discount code that will reduce the price you could pay 🙂

If you want to reserve your seat please complete the following form and we will contact you by email to confirm with you the availability of your requested training classes.

Order form

    What is your Chest Size?
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    Small (approx 94cm)Medium (approx 98cm)Large (approx 102cm)X Large (approx 108cm)XX Large (approx 113mm)XXX Large (approx 118mm)

    Requested Training Classes:

    Full Training Courses for 11-13 Nov. 2023:

    MTCNA (Network Associate)MTCRE (Routing)MTCTCE (Traffic Control)MTCSWE (Switching)

    Full Training Courses for 15-17 Nov. 2023:

    MTCINE (Inter-Networking)MTCEWE (Enterprise Wireless)MTCIPv6E (IPv6)MTCSE (Security)

    Both training class Eur 1.750,00*


    MTCNA renewalMTCRE renewal**MTCWE renewal**MTCINE renewal**MTCUME renewal**MTCTCE renewal**MTCIPv6E renewal**MTCSE renewal**MTCSWE renewal**MTCEWE renewal**

    Eur 100,00* /each

    * Prices are excluding VAT, if you own a company and have a VALID VAT number, please let us know before ordering
    ** "Renewal" means you already have the certification but is expired or is expiring

    All the training classes will include:
    • One Evening Meal for each day being trained
    • Hot/cold refreshments and lunch each day while being trained
    • The RouterBoard to be used during the labs.
    • The trainings, materials and the final certifications test will all be in English

    Is it OK to add your mobile to a private (invite only) WhatsApp Group (this will mean all the other Students will get your mobile number not just the Trainers only) ?

    Do you wish to take part in some MikroTik related technical games, diagnosing 'faults' on network labs in a simulated data centre environment?

    Do you wish to attend the walking tour of Old Town, Riga?
    Yes, I'll be thereSorry, can't make it

    YES - I hereby AGREE that SIA Riga BootCamp is permitted to store my personal details entered above in accordance with the GDPR to enable them to contact me

    Cancellation Policy

    If you cancel more than 30 days before the first course start date, we will refund 100% of your payment. If cancelling between 14-30 days before, you will receive 50% of your payment. If you cancel less than 14 days before your start date, no refunds will be offered.

    In case of any assistance please send an email to: booking at